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COVID Wedding Flowers – A New Normal

Updated: Feb 3

Dried and preserved flowers. Photo by Wanting Huang Photography

2021…. a year that many have joked calling it a complete write off. 2021 brought with it multiple lockdowns and event cancellations – Weddings. We have seen our amazing local flower farm growers lose stock as a result of the lockdowns. Gorgeous seasonal blooms thrown on the mulch pile.

As we move in to our third year living with the Covid pandemic, we learn not only to adjust to a new normal of living but also had to learn to adjust how we approach wedding flowers. Our ever changing alert levels has meant changes in wedding sizes and locations with some opting for smaller intimate weddings.

Since March 2021, we’ve been taking this time to learn and grow our business and find new ways to assist our couples on their wedding day. If you are planning your wedding, consider these four ways to adjust your wedding flowers for Covid-19.

Statement Ceremony Decor

If you are planning your wedding flowers during these times and are struggling between deciding on an elaborate ceremony décor or reception décor, we recommend making a statement on ceremony decor. Many weddings are downsizing guest counts in order to stay within the alert level guidelines. This limited number means that many weddings are more intimate affairs celebrated by close family and friends.

By choosing to go with a more lavish ceremony decor, you can highlight one of the most important parts of your big day. Think about an intricate wedding arch, venue entrance floral decor or aisle flowers. These are pieces that everyone can enjoy during the ceremony and can add something special to the place where you exchanged your vows. Not only that, once the ceremony is finished, you can then relocate these to the reception area.

Choose Dried Flowers

Dried flowers by Boho and Flora Photo by Kate Craig-Brown Photography

Opting for dried and preserved wedding flowers allows you to have more flexibility. With many couples contemplating whether or not they should change their wedding date means that with changing their dates comes a change in flower availability. With dried and preserved flower options, you can plan your event in any season.

At Boho and Flora, we dry many of our summer blooms for use during Autumn and Winter seasons. During these two seasons, we have brides who are drawn to the rustic, wild look of dried flowers. This may be an option for you especially if you are thinking about postponing your wedding.

Economical Reception Options

Loose foliage reception table Photo by Wanting Huang Photography

Choosing more economical reception options can open up your space. Transferring your ceremony décor to your reception area also allows you to maximise your floral décor as well as save money for other wedding details. We love how many of our brides are leaning toward smaller bud vases and loose greenery to adorn their reception table. Our Petite Minis are simple and delicate allowing your wedding flowers make a statement.

Petite Minis. Photo by Boho and Flora

These smaller arrangements also take up less table space ensuring your guests have plenty of space and not feel overcrowded at their seats.

Planning a wedding?

We are still open for bookings in the 2022/23 wedding season! We would love for you to contact us for your free consultation!

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